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Food is both a source of joy and heartache. From the sheer pleasure of a mouthwatering meal to the exacerbation one feels at a dish gone wrong and let’s not even get started on inspiration fatigue. There is such wide spectrum of hope, elation and crashing deflation. If you are no secret to all of the above then it’s time for an Instagram intervention. We at the HTVJ have put together your guru guide of foodie Instagrammers that will help you find the right eat to suit every occasion. So whether you’re cooking a meal for one or 10, baking for fun or to impress, our eight kitchen heroes won’t let you down.

Ravneet Gill at Raveneet Eats
Desserts in abundance, perfect for solo baking or entertaining

8 Instagrammers every foodie should follow - Ravneet Gill at Raveneet Eats

Pastry Chef Ravneet Gill has no secrets when it comes to her hankering for the sweeter things in life. If her recipe books The Pastry Chef’s Guide: The secret to successful baking every time and Sugar, I Love You (launching on the 14th October) don’t attest to that then her Instagram page surely will. Her carefully curated collection of chocolate-covered, custard-laden, mousse-whipped, pastry, treats leave nothing to the imagination. Occasionally you’ll stumble across a savoury delight but for the most part it’s sugary-sweet. Those with a craving for umami and salt will be left somewhat disappointed. However more of her recipes can be found on the Feast section of the Guardian and on the Telegraph Food section which do feature a few more savoury options.

The Grub Works Kitchen
Hearty dining for one or plenty

8 Instagram accounts every foodie should follow

The catchphrase “screenshot for FLAYVAS, FLAYVAS, flavours, flavours,” may never leave your head once you embark on a following journey with Grub Works but it’s so worth it for the ‘flayvas.’ His honey, garlic scotch bonnet slaw is a win, especially when paired with the recipe for his fried chicken burger with pickles. With spicy beef patties, yam porridge and pork belly ramen on the menu, his recipe selection remains varied but hearty.

Admittedly there are a lot of meaty recipes, though we have spotted a few vegan treats in the mix for those who prefer a veggie offering. However, the chef mentioned in a post earlier this year that new and exciting recipes are on the horizon, including more vegan options. So, watch this space.

Clerkenwell Boy
Sweet and savoury eats, restaurant inspiration and giveaways

8 Instagram accounts every foodie should follow

Good ol’ Clerkenwell Boy. He may remain the mysterious chef whose identity is yet to be unmasked but thank goodness he’s not so guarded with his recipes. The ‘masked-chef’ offers a mix of sweet and savoury recipes (fig and goat’s cheese tart, rhubarb and custard doughnuts and a crispy bottom dumpling, just to tease). He also posts his favourite restaurants, offering somewhat of a guide to the best eats in town. Giveaways are often on the menu as Clerkenwell Boy collabs with restaurants and brands to offer followers a chance to win prizes. All this whilst saving Gotham – oh no wait, that’s the wrong masked hero. Nevermind.

Suzannah Butcher at Suz and Food
Step-by-step recipes, perfect for the nervous cook

8 Instagram accounts every foodie should follow

This former Good Housekeeping recipe developer has tripled tested countless recipes in her time so that when she says things like ‘proper custard in the microwave,’ you don’t even bat an eye. A London expat living in the USA, Suzannah’s recipes are both delicious and achievable. They include family friendly meals, dinner for two, comfort foods and seasonal bakes and eats. Her quirky style of video content also makes for an entertaining watch.

Lara Luck at Food By Lara Luck
Family friendly meals

8 Instagram accounts every foodie should follow Lara Luck

Speaking of family-friendly-meals Lara Luck is the certainly meal-time goals. Her Instagram page is jam-packed with incredible-looking, healthy meals. There’s a nice mix of something for everyone. From a vegan Thai red curry and sauteed ackee to crowd-pleasing favourites such as lamb lasagne and sweet chilli fried chicken (you can’t be healthy all the time). Sweets are also a welcome feature on her Instagram page (Eton Mess squares anyone?). It is a bit of a hunt to find her recipes but thankfully she’s regularly featured the Waitrose and Partners Food and Drink Supplement which she posts as well, so that makes things a little easier.

Anjie at Anjie’s Eats
Versatility at mealtimes

Anjie Eats

If you like the sound of butterbean oxtail stew, lobster butter squash and beignets then you definitely have a hearty appetite and should check out Anjie Eats. Not only is her page bright and vibrant but her recipes are super easy to find. Her food is inspired by a range of worldwide cuisines including Turkish, Iranian and Guyanese offerings. You’re bound to find something new for dinner tonight.

Amy at Neurotic Mum Bakes
Tentative bakers welcome

8 Instagram accounts every foodie should follow cinnamon rolls

This account is ideal for the ambitious, novice baker looking to upskill. Neurotic Mums Bakes’ Instagram page serves purely to tease with creations like carrot cake cookies, meringue pops, cinnamon rolls and chocolate caramel cookies. If you’re tempted enough to want the recipes themselves, you’ll have to follow her YouTube page where she also has cake decorating videos for you more adventurous souls. If you’re UK based, you’ll sadly be missing out on all the giveaways, as Neurotic Mum lives in the States but you can always console yourself with an Oreo roll or seven. We did!

James Brown at Grill Nation
For the BBQ connoisseur

8 Instagram accounts every foodie should follow

It’s been a long, hard arduous year (like the little sibling of 2020) so there is no reason not to make the most of the remaining summer (untrust-worthy British weather be damned). All BBQ fiends should definitely be following Grill Nation. Never-mind throwing a steak or burger on the grill. How about spicing things up with a citrus herb crusted salmon? Did we just catch you dribbling? If you like the sound of that, then the garlic, parmesan chicken wings and the bacon-wrapped pork loins are sure to impress you. Plant-based eaters will need to look away. This is purely for the meat lovers, although pescatarians can take inspiration from his juicy lobster recipes and grilled shrimp creations.

What other foodies are you inspired by? Let us know in the comments.

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Janet A Leigh

Janet A Leigh

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