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The Plantshake brand Foga promises to improve energy levels in just a week! I took on their 7 Day Challenge, find out if it could rouse me from my midday slump.

It’s easy to be sceptical when it comes to a new health product on the market. Let’s face it, it’s already ballooning with drinks, shakes, gummies, bars and more, all promising to revitalise, energise, nourish or infuse your body with vitamins A through Z so what’s one more right? When I came across Foga I wasn’t necessarily blown away, (If you’re wondering why, see above, for I too am not immune to the feeling of exasperation at the sheer volume). However, the not one to be deterred I took their 7-day challenge to see if the vegan, dairy-free shakes could, indeed have a positive impact on my energy levels in just a short time amount of. After a week of shaking and slurping find out why I’m willing to shell out for Foga, but before that…

What is Foga?

Foga is a range of predominantly oat and plant-based shakes that prides itself on being super convenient for those on the go whilst being nutritionally beneficial, thanks to its use of all-natural ingredients.

What’s in the range?

In addition to a collection of breakfast oat shakes and smoothie-like Plantshakes, Foga also has its Essential range, a selection of products that can either be used to make hot beverages or can be sprinkled on top of food (think matcha on your oatmeal).

Plantshake? Is it just filled with spinach leaves and celery?

No. While the shakes do contain the leafy green and/or other veg, their flavours are also complimented by berries, banana and other fruit for a touch of natural sweetness and extra vitamins and minerals.

What I loved about Foga

I must admit, I didn’t sample the whole range but what I did try I genuinely enjoyed. Foga has a huge selection of flavours when it comes to their Plantshakes (of them I tried seven) and I struggled to find one I didn’t like. Beetroot tends to be a controversial flavour. Its earthy quality doesn’t tick everyone’s box but thankfully I found no need to wince as I slurped down the Beetroot and Ginger offering. The Cayenne and Peach didn’t have too much of a kick (I love my spice but a chilli smoothie??) and you can’t go wrong with the classics (Strawberry and Mango, and Raspberry and Banana). No complaints were made over here when it came to the Blueberry and Apple – the flavours were well balanced – and while Kiwi and Greens sounded a little intense for a mid-morning shake, the flavours weren’t overbearing.

If I had to choose between a planshake and an Oatshake, I’m leaning more towards the latter. Slightly thicker in texture, I favoured the dessert-like taste of the Blueberry Pie (dessert in the morning is always a cheeky win). The Peanut Butter and Berries could have done with a little more nuttiness but its deliciousness made things all the more forgivable. I wasn’t completely bowled over by the Strawberry and Raspberry option – it just didn’t taste as special next to the others – but it will do in a pinch.

When it comes to a lack of energy, you’ll usually find me flagging midday and reaching for a sugary hit. So, when one of Foga’s benefit claims mentioned the promotion of more energy my ears pricked up. Prick they did but only briefly as nothing in the past has ever given me more zip (and in my quest for zest I’ve popped a vitamin or two…thousand). Fast forward three days and I felt much perkier. I didn’t change my lifestyle, nor did I alter my diet in any other way (I certainly didn’t give up my sugary snacks – old habits die hard) but somehow, I found myself with a lot more pep. Naysayers may claim it was a placebo effect but as a die-hard sceptic I can tell you this is not what I was expecting.

The downside to Foga

One of the brands biggest selling points is that you don’t need a blender to enjoy a healthy shake on the go. Thanks to the freeze-dried powdery ingredients one simply needs to fill your bottle up with milk or water, add the metal, spiral stirrer along with the contents of the sachet and shake. Brilliant! Sounds easy right? Only no amount of swirling and vigorous shaking eliminated the all clumps. Sure, there weren’t many but it definitely wasn’t an entirely smooth experience. That said the, in a, pre-teen-dipping-chips-into-ice-cream kind of way, I sort of liked it. Especially when it came to the Blueberry Pie Oatshake, something about stumbling across a milk-y, blueberry clot was oddly satisfying.

While the Plantshakes have a plethora of delicious options (kiwi and, peach and mango – oh my) the Oatshakes range, by comparison, is dismally small. Maybe my disappointment is exacerbated by the fact that I preferred the thickness of the Oatshakes’ texture to the slightly thinner (but not thin) texture of the Plantshakes and therefore would have enjoyed more variety. However, with only three flavours on offers, I was left craving more.

My takeaway

Don’t be put off by the price! Foga is a little costly and most of the purchase options require you to buy in bulk but, it is a great tasting way to fuel your body and give you a little more bounce in your step.

For more on Foga click here.

Janet A Leigh

Janet A Leigh

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