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Oh. My. God. We are less than a week away from the Friends: The Reunion and though there is still no UK release date that doesn’t mean we can’t get swept up in the frenzy. HBO Max has announced a star-studded cast-list to match the exciting return of our six beloved, coffee-swilling friends. Celebrity guests James Corden, Reese Witherspoon (aka Jill, Rachel’s younger sister), Lady Gaga, and Kit Harington will join stars of the show Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, for the unscripted special. Other confirmed appearances include David Beckham, BTS, Cara Delevingne, Mindy Kaling, Malala Yousafzai and Justin Bieber.

According to Deadline Sky is rumoured to be first in the running to land the UK rights to the HBO Max special (for updates on this follow our Instagram account @The_Hungry_TV_Junkie). To the disappointment of some, the Reunion will not be a new episode. As explained in a statement by HBO Max “in order to avoid any misunderstanding about what this special is, we want to make it very clear that this is not a new, original episode of the series. The cast will be appearing as themselves, not as their beloved characters.” Instead, the fab six will revisit the set and share behind-the-scenes footage that is sure to delight fans.

However, if you’re still feeling a Friends’-shaped hole in your heart that only fiction-filled laughter can fill, don’t worry, at The Hungry TV Junkie We’ll be there for you. Our ridiculously hard, ultimate Friends’ quiz will not only test your knowledge of the sitcom, it will have you recalling some of your favourite episodes, leaving you in nostalgic euphoria. Beware, this quiz is not for the casual-watcher. The question is, how well do you know your Friends?

Are your a bonafide Friends' fan? Take our quiz to find out! Correct answers revealed at the end!

1. According to Monica, what does the phrase ‘we should do this again’ mean in the dating world?
2. In Phoebe’s Christmas song to her friends what does she end up rhyming Rachel’s name with?
3. How did Ross get the nickname ‘red Ross’?
4. What does Ross say when he finds the message on his answering machine from Rachel telling him she’s over him?
5. The one with the ‘freebie list’ – When dating, Janice and Chandler make a list of celebs each is allowed to sleep with if the opportunity presents itself. What’s Chandler’s reason for having Jessica Rabbit on his list?
6. Who made had to specially make Monica’s band uniform back in high school?
7. Where did Monica and Rachel go to high school?
8. In the episode ‘The One in Vegas - Part 1’ Rachel is dancing alone in the apartment naked. What song is she dancing to?
9. What is the name of 'Phoebe’s' porn video?
10. Who was Chandler’s best man at his and Monica's wedding?
Janet A Leigh

Janet A Leigh

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