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Hands up if you’re excited about Marvel Studios’ Loki series. Now keep those hands up if all this time travel has thrown you for a loop. Still got your hand up? Don’t feel bad, nine chances out of 10 you’re not the only one still scratching their heads over this matter. When last we saw Loki, the reformed villain we’d come to love had been killed at the hands of Thanos and his pesky, evil, past-self was running around stealing tesseracts (or maybe just the one tesseract) before hopping out of time causing the timeline to splinter, thus breaking reality.

Evil Loki now makes his return in Marvel Studios’ latest show Loki due to air on Disney plus on the 9th June. Here we find him captured by the timekeepers of the TVA (Time Variance Authority) who demand he restore the broken timeline. Now this is where things get a little confusing, because didn’t good ol’ Steve Rogers go back in time and return all the Infinity stones to ensure this very mess didn’t happen? Yes, yes he did. So why has an unwilling Loki found himself tasked with the very same job?
The HTVJ have solved the riddle in under 60 seconds so that you are all caught up before its debut. All you need to do is sit back and watch.

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Janet A Leigh

Janet A Leigh

For more on the latest food ,TV and Film news follow me on Instagram @The_Hungry_TV_Junkie

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