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Like a shaken bottle of coke with the cap still on, Halloween Kills has been bubbling under the release-date surface just waiting to explode out. The debut date, set for Halloween 2020, was naturally pushed due to the pandemic but the movie is expected to land this fright-season, meaning things are about to get real slasher-y for the Strode women. By Strode women we’re of course talking about Michael Myer’s original victim Laurie Strode, her daughter Karen Nelson and granddaughter Allyson (played by Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andy Matichak respectively). Not to mention the town of Haddonfield who, alongside Laurie and her kin, have been traumatised by the events of 1978 and more recently 2018. Laurie and Haddonfield were again subjected to more violence when devoid-of-a-soul killer Michael Myers hacked his way through his hometown, 40-years after his initial killing spree, in the movie Halloween 2018.

Halloween Kills picks up where Halloween 2018 left off but also sees the return of some familiar characters from original 1978 movie. Notably Kyle Richards’ Lindsey Wallace and character Tommy Doyle (now played by Anthony Michael Hall). These are of course the two children babysat by Laurie when Michael comes a knocking.

Nancy Stephens and Charles Cyphers will also reprise their role as nurse Marian Chambers and Sherriff Leigh Brackett. No doubt Leigh has a lot of pent-up feelings towards Michael for adding his daughter Annie Brackett to the kill list.

Over the last 43 years there have been countless sequels added to the Halloween franchise – and by countless, I mean 11 (not including the upcoming Halloween Kills or Halloween Ends). However, Halloween’s 2018 and Kills have disassociated themselves with all other continuations and remakes in the franchise, even recounting the storyline where Michael’s fixation over Laurie is because they are siblings. Instead, we are to look at Halloween, Halloween 2018, Halloween Killsand eventually Halloween Ends as a separate, standalone series, within the entire Halloween universe. This handy infographic should iron things out.

Halloween Films Timeline

In this timeline, Halloween Kills will be the first time we see the return of the original victims aside from Laurie. What then does that mean for the storyline which has been so heavily focused on Laurie’s experience and the fall-out from her trauma?

In a 2020 interview Curtis described the movie as a really, really, really, really, really intense masterpiece. One that explores people who are infected by injustice and what happens to those feelings of pain when unresolved for a prolonged period of time. As Curtis explains it:

“2018 was about Laurie’s trauma but there are a lot of people that had the result of Michael Myers in 1978 and we brought back all of those people.”

“The Halloween Kills movie is about a mob. So, what I will tell you is, what we were seeing around the country – of the power of the rage of voices – big groups of people coming together enraged at the set of circumstances, that’s what the movie is [about].”

Of this she is referring to the response to George Floyds’ murder and the communal outcry towards the violation of his and other black people’s basic human rights.

“It’s very interesting because it takes on what happens when trauma infects an entire community and we’re seeing it everywhere with the Black Lives Matters movement,” said Curtis.

“We’re seeing it in action and Halloween Kills, weirdly enough dovetailed onto that proceeded it. It was written before that occurred. So, when you see it, it’s a seething group of people moving through the story as a big angry group. It’s really, really, really, really, really intense. It’s a masterpiece.”

Though Laurie and her family will undoubtably be pivotal to the storyline, with Curtis’ words we can’t help but speculate over the way the other characters’ trauma may unravel in this latest instalment.

One way the movie is set pan out differently in comparison to its predecessors is through the role victims play. Her description of them as an angry, seething mob hints at the fact that they are no longer willing to accept the role of the hunted.

What we are now seeing is some sort of role reversal where Michael finds himself confronted by a much more prepared group of people unified in pain. A group ready and willing to unleash years of anguish onto this pesky murder who just won’t stop coming around. This is corroborated heavily by director David Gordon Green and screenwriter Danny McBride. In an interview with Empire magazine McBride said:

“Events in the film bring together a lot of characters who were in the 1978 film. They gather to try, once and for all, to take down Michael, to stop this madman.”

“The [2018 movie] was more about Laurie’s life of isolation after Michael and her attempts at revenge,” Green continued. “It was personal. This is more about the unravelling of a community into chaos. It’s about how fear spreads virally.”

Also returning to the franchise will be the 1978 director John Carpenter, this time with his producer hat on.

All of this, we presume, will culminate in Halloween Ends, what we assume will be the final, full stop in the Halloween franchise.

“Halloween Ends is amazing. It’s just amazing,” said Curtis. However, when it came to specifics Curtis remained tight-lipped, leaving us with only one enticing clue when she revealed it’s about Legacy.

“It really has to do with the nature of evil and the legacy of evil.”

Halloween Kills will hit cinemas on the October 15th.

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Janet A Leigh

Janet A Leigh

For more on the latest food ,TV and Film news follow me on Instagram @The_Hungry_TV_Junkie

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