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Carr’s new range of Kids products promises to make baking with your little ones a doddle. We gave them a try ahead of Easter find out if truly is really easy.

Easter baking is such a great way to entertain little ones but the mess that accompanies it is less than desirable. On our hunt for low maintenance, kid-friendly baking activities we came across the Carr’s Kids range. For £0.95 each, their Really Easy Bread Mix and Really Easy Biscuit Mix require nothing more than either butter (Iceland’s own brand of unsalted butter did the trick) or water keeping the ingredients cost low. The range also features a set of cookie cutters priced at £3.75 and a Kids’ Baking set for an affordable £11.00 which contains a rolling pin, spatula, pastry brush, spoon and cutting board all designed for little hands.

Sounds almost too good to be true but can those mixes really make light work of baking? We couldn’t wait to get into the kitchen and give them a try. Here’s what we thought.

There is plenty for your little ones to do to feel involved. From mixing and kneading to shaping and popping it in the oven for the all-important bake. The step-by step instructions were incredibly easy to follow and the bread itself proved to be delicious. The finished product was sightly too doughy as we baked it to the shortest cook time suggested for fear of burning but if your oven temperature runs true you may not have an issue.

The Really Easy Biscuit Mix makes a plentiful batch of 24 plus biscuits (we scoffed a few before making note of the exact amount). They were quick and easy to make whilst being very tasty. They have a sweet, wheat-y, wholesome flavour without being too overpowering making them the perfect blank canvas for flavoursome toppings and decorations (A Jar of salted caramel anyone? Mooless version optional). Again, the recipe was easy to follow and for a more festive theme you can always switch things up with some Easter cookie cutters.

Looking for some Easter treats to place atop some iced biscuits? Why not try Hotel Chocolat’s Elizapeck Tiddly Pot – 40% Milk Chocolate or their Wooliam Tiddly Pot – Caramel Chocolate because what can’t be made better by a helping of sweet, sticky caramel.

Janet A Leigh

Janet A Leigh

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