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The Twilight star is coupled up with Terminator: Dark Fate actress Mackenzie Davis in the holiday flick Happiest Season as the romantic duo Abby and Harper. The two are set to join Harper’s family for their big annual Christmas dinner. The stakes are high for Abby (aka Stewart) who will not only be meeting Harper’s parents for the first time, she also intends to pop the question! A brave move turned dicey when it’s revealed that Harper’s family doesn’t know she’s gay. This news throws a spanner in the works for Abby who is shaken by this revelation and begins to question her relationship.

Things being what they are, Happiest Seasons is bypassing the traditional theatrical release and will instead be heading straight to Hulu on 25th November. While this is great news for the US, UK viewers will have to play the waiting game as the release date is still TBC.

The film is directed and co-written by Clea DuVall (alongside Mary Holland) who was inspired to create a story based off of her own experiences. DuVall told Entertainment Weekly “I’m writing from my own place of truth and telling the story from my own perspective,” admitting, “I’ve spent Christmases with partners whose parents didn’t know.… I’ve been ‘the friend’ at the family function.”

In an interview with People, DuVall also stated, “I’m a huge fan of Christmas movies, but I had never seen my story represented … Happiest Season felt like a great opportunity to tell a universal story from a new perspective.”
Her sentiment is shared by Stewart who in the same interview said:
“I think I’ve wished to see a gay Christmas rom-com my whole life. I’m so happy and proud of Clea for bringing this into the world.”

There is another reason this movie is near and dear Stewart’s heart as she admits to having been on both side of the Abby-Harper coin:

They’re [the characters] both people I really felt protective of in different ways, because I’ve been on both sides of that dynamic where someone is having a hard time acknowledging who they are and the other person is more self-accepting.” For the full Instyle article read here.

It’s presumably doubly relatable for Stewart who, like her character Abby, has herself consider proposing to screenwriter girlfriend Dylan Meyers. In a 2019 interview with Howard Stern the Charlie’s Angel actress gushed with excitement when asked if she was ready to pop the question answering ‘yes’ before saying “I can’t fucking wait…I have a couple of plans that are like the coolest things to do…It’s pretty undeniable.”

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Janet A Leigh

Janet A Leigh

For more on the latest food ,TV and Film news follow me on Instagram @The_Hungry_TV_Junkie

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