Janet A Leigh Journalist
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About me

Just a hungry woman searching for the perfect snack to accompany a good watch. I am ravenous when it comes to food, film and TV alike and it is my aim to passionately provide you with insight on the latest watches, juicy movies reviews and hottest film/TV discussions. All this while also guiding you towards the newest food launches worth sinking your teeth into.

Over the past eight years I have worked across the film and food sector within journalism, writing for Hearst UK titles including Good Housekeeping, Digital Spy and Prima (see portfolio here).

FYI, the ‘A’ in ‘Janet A Leigh’ is not sanctimoniously added. I’m just a regular ol’ Joe (or Jan) trying to stand out amongst the sea of Janet Leigh content on the web (Google Janet Leigh sans A and you’ll see why ;)). I am, however, The Hungry TV Junkie, a journalist/author who also loves books so forgive me if I get a bit nerdy over a new/old find!

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